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The perfect blend of charm and functionality. Gas fireplaces are an easy, convenient way to give you the effect of a wood burning product without the hassle of clean up. It’s no secret that these models are not only beautiful, but they can heat up to 2,500 square feet! Take a look through the top brands we offer and contact us when you find.

Additionally, gas log fireplaces are simple to install and pose much fewer risks than wood-burning fireplaces. They also put out twice as much heat as wood-burning fireplaces. Gas log fireplaces are one of the best options to heat your home during the winter months. ... Ventless fireplaces add moisture to the air, so make sure you install.

Go from a gas fireplace to a fireplace insert with ease. Update fireplace hearth styles with a click. See what a linear gas fireplace might look like on your wall. ... It's so easy to have warmth & beauty. We sell & install gas fireplaces for any room in your home! + Gas Inserts. We sell and professionally install high efficiency, quality gas.

Apr 17, 2022 · Buying Considerations for a Ventless Gas Fireplace Space . Ventless fireplaces can accommodate small and large rooms and outdoor spaces. Various styles can suit your room, including see-through or two-sided models. You can get custom-made fireplaces to fit your space or fireplace inserts for use in place of an old fireplace..

A typical ventless fireplace consumes 26,000 Btus/100,000 Btus= .26 therms per hour x $1.415 per therm = $0.36/hr to operate. American Gas Association Fact Sheet Assumptions: Avg. home uses 756.41 therms/yr/avg. NG central heater is 80% efficient, provides 2/3rds the heat/avg. ventless appliance is 99.9% efficient, provides 1/3 heat.

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Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces Installing a ventless recessed ethanol fireplace is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to • May IGNIS® Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces be mounted on the wall instead of built into it? Yes. If you so choose, any recessed model may be simply hung on the wall (like a picture) with the included mounting bracket.